All the Puppies are ready to go to their Forever Home

As you can see They LOVE to Play - Eat - and are trained to give KISSES

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Price $1400.00 each -- --
extra = Shipping $600. Air w/Nanny or $300. land




Weight on 9-20-21 = 3 lbs

.Weight on 9-20-21 = 2.5  lbs

Weight on 9-20-21 = 2.5   lbs




Weight on 9-20-21 = 2.5  lbs

Weight on 9-20-21 = 3 lbs

Weight on 9-20-21 = 2.5  lbs

They are not taught to eat dog food as I cook for everyone in the household including the 4 legged ones.  At 4 weeks the puppies start learning how to eat Carnation can milk with baby cereal then graduate to scramble eggs – cottage cheese – and raw hamburger.  At 8 weeks we are ready to eat steak.  

They get a Neopar or similar shot at 4 weeks.  Then at 6 and again at 8 weeks they get a 5-way shot.  And if they have not gone to their new home by age 12 weeks they get a third 5 way shot.  Before leaving they see the vet to get a health certificate and from CoffeeCup chihuahua they get a 100% Guarantee against any genetic defects for one year.

 We have been a reputable breed of quality puppies since 1993.    All The puppies at CoffeeCup Chihuahua have been pampered from day one. They are socialized in puppy play-pen by the family.  Most of our puppies are on the small size and should weigh 4 to 6  as adults.   We do not have a kennel and all our Adults are our pets first before breeders. .