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Read and agree to this page before you purchase a puppy

This is a Digital understanding between the breeder and the customer

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I have been breeding puppies since 1992

All of Your puppies are guaranteed
to be healthy and come with a one year guarantee against life threatening debilitating genetic defects.

Your puppy is raised in my living room and  is  well socialized as it matured.  The Dew Claws were removed at three days old.  At 4 weeks all puppies get a neo-parvo shot and their first worming.   At six weeks and eight weeks they get a five way plus shot and another worming.  They can ship at age 8 weeks and it is recommended that at 12 weeks they receive an additional five way shot then again at 16 weeks and at one year.  It is also recommended that you take your new puppy to your Vet as soon as possible to establish a future healthcare program.   At 8 weeks they begin to understand what potty papers are for.  At 8 weeks all male can be courtesy neutered, if you choose.   By neutering them at this age they are less likely to lift their leg and are easier to potty train.  

My bloodlines are all tested and clear of any genetic defects including PRA/PRCD and PLL.  Puppies are raised in my home environment – which means they get lots of attention and are well socialized before they go to their new home. They are always up to date on shots and deworming.  They come with a Shot Record and a vet certified Health Certificate.

In order to guarantee that your chosen puppy is really yours, you need to pay a retaining fee that will be applied to the final billing of your puppy. All puppies must be paid in full before they can be shipped.  Shipping is not included in the price of the puppy.    PayPal is my preferred method of payment,  I will send you a Request for Money Invoice.  You just click on the link and pay thought Paypal using your credit card or other method, having a Paypal account is not necessary.

Your payment includes your puppy, up-to-date shots, vet health certificate.  Along with any other appropriate papers, and shipping crate when going by airlines  cargo.   

Cost of shipping is not included in the price of your puppy. Flying by Air your puppy travels inside with a Nanny for $500.   or can be shipped in cargo for $550.   The nanny will meet you at your airport American airlines curbside and hand delivery your baby.  the puppy can ship to some areas by land and the ticket it $300.   The prefered  method is that the new owner picks up the puppy.    If your puppy is over three months old it must have a rabies shot prior to departure. All appropriate papers always  come with the puppy.

When you get your puppy it is guaranteed to be the puppy that you have received photos of information on.  The puppy is purchased as is on the day of sale with  a detailed description of appearance, behavior, needs and things you should know.  Also the answers to all your question yesterday today and tomorrow.

The puppy is guaranteed to be healthy and inspected by a vet and comes with a current health certificate.  Your puppy is guaranteed against any debilitating or life-threatening genetic defect until age one year.   Any injury, infections or allergens caused problems relating to the health and comfort of your puppy, would be considered environmental and thus not covered under this warranty or guarantee.

Any claim of defect must be accompanied by an explanation from a veterinarian along with ALL lab reports.  The extent of my responsibility in any and all legitimate claims is to replace the puppy with the same-sex of equal quality.  This means you ship your puppy back and exchange it for another.  This DOES NOT mean you keep your puppy and I sent you another puppy.   I am never responsible for any charges pertaining to health and welfare of any puppy or dog based on decisions made by you, the buyer.  If you choose for any reason to return the puppy the travel expenses are also your responsibility.  If at any time during the lifetime of this puppy you cannot be responsible for it’s care, I will assist you in placing it in a pet home.  This puppy is never to be placed in a humane society, a rescue agency, or with Crest Care.  It always has a home so send it back.  In cases like this there is no refund promised and any return money would be in accordance with the final transaction.

A retainer is any and all money placed on a puppy in order to save it for you until you have time and money to finalized transaction.  This means that for the period of time that this puppy is taken off the FOR SALE list you are actually purchasing that time with your retainer.  All retainers are non refundable and will be applied to the purchase price of puppy at the time of the final transaction.  If you place a retainer on a puppy and change your mind about getting it or you went somewhere else and purchased another puppy, there will be no refund or credit value to apply to an additional puppy.

Where refunds are warranted all expenses your decisions have cost me will be deducted from the refund.  Pet only puppies do not come with papers.   Contract and ALL papers are not shipped with puppy. Once you receive your puppy and you are satisfied that it is the puppy you ordered and you intend to keep it, not resell it, your papers well be placed in the mail.   All monetary transactions will be in US funds.

 The above information applies to all US and  Canadian shipments.  If you are outside the US all puppies regress to their original price.  Sale prices do not apply to international shipping.  Special handling fees may apply to some exports depending on destination.  I have exported puppies worldwide since 1992.  At this time I am not doing international shipping.  If you are interested in a flight call 417 436 2267 to confirm the availability of shipping to your area.


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